My Weird, “Cool” Six-Year-Old

I asked Micah if he wanted me to sign him up for summer camp at the wildlife refuge again this summer. “YES! I LOVED it!”
“Do you remember how hot you were? Every day when I picked you up, you said you were just too hot, and you didn’t want to go back.”
Micah sighed, and the look on his face said he would find a solution. It only took a second or two: “Do you think I should just strap an air conditioner to my back?” he asked excitedly.
Speechless, while envisioning my son walking around wildlife camp with an air conditioner strapped to his back, I shook my head.
His face burst into a huge grin, “Then ALL the other kids will be like, ‘HEY! Why does that guy get an AIR CONDITIONER?!?!'”

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