When Moms Don’t Answer the Phone. . .

Before children I literally used to wonder why my stay-at-home mom-friends couldn’t always pick up the phone when I called.

I literally thought, “It’s not like they’re in a meeting or something.”

But now. I get it. The phone rings . . . and . . .

This is a sample moment from my week. They are not all like this (thankfully!) But here’s just one moment, all this was happening simultaneously.

Nathan was screaming in the kitchen in the bouncer seat, waiting for baby food. Mara was understandably reading in her room.

Micah was scratching his head at the dining room table, asking, “Is ‘we’ a verb? I can’t remember what verbs are!”

From upstairs, I could hear David calling down, “Mommy! I need underwear! I pooped myself!”

And then the soft voice of Carissa, my nature-loving girl, as she gathered supplies, proudly declaring: “I’m going to start my very own fruit fly farm!”

So there’s a little glimpse into what’s going on when you call a mom and she doesn’t pick up.

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