These Four. . .

Tonight while David was taking his bath, Micah just happened to find a water gun in my bedroom. “And David asked me to check his hair,” Micah told me, “but it still had soap in it, so I just sprayed it off.”
How did I miss this excitement?
“In the future?” I said. “Let’s not use water guns in the house.”
“What if we’re *both* in the bath–at the same time?”
Wow, that could get out of hand quickly. I know these boys. “Water guns are just for outside.”
Today I smiled as Carissa galloped through the house in her pink cowboy boots and hat, shouting, “Yee-haw!” And as I heard David pulling his wooden train down the hallway, “Whoooo! Whoooooo!” And as Mara and Micah planned and acted out a Rumpelstiltskin play, and sang along with a CD from the bottoms of their hearts, “What a mighty, mighty Savior you are! ”
In just a few days (or perhaps weeks), there will be another little one bringing new personality and love and excitement to our family. But it’s been these four for the past 3-1/2 years and, despite the crazy moments, what a treasure this time has been!

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