Checking in With Tosta

Here’s an update, for those of you who know and love Mara’s imaginary friend, Tosta.

“Why do you always call Tosta my ‘maginary friend’?” Mara asked. “She’s not ‘maginary any more. She’s real.”

Soooo now that we’ve settled that. . .

Poor Tosta was apparently hit by a car earlier this week, so Mara says of her real (imaginary) friend. It sounded rather brutal–the car hit her and then she went under the car! “And that’s why she has a bruise on her forehead,” Mara explained.

This morning, Mara announced: “Tosta is going to the eye dentist today.”

“That would be the eye doctor,” I corrected. “Eye doctors look at your eyes. Dentists look at your teeth.”

Without missing a beat, she replied, “Actually? . . . it is the eye dentist, because he looks at her eyes and her teeth.”

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