“You Can Call Me ‘Mara Apple Picker’!”

Columbus Day found us apple-picking in an orchard southwest of the city. Daniel had to work, so it was just me and the kids. We absolutely loved it!

Mara is at the perfect age to really enjoy it. She was super excited and quickly became an “expert” at eliminating bad apples and spotting the “perfect” ones (which were much more rare than I had hoped). She also “policed” the apples Micah put into the basket, which was a good thing, since we found him picking up a half-rotten ones off the ground.

In her mind, the goal was getting apples to put in Daniel’s lunch. She kept saying things like, “Daddy will be soo thankful we got all these apples for his lunch!”

My favorite comment of the day was “You can call me ‘Mara Apple Picker’!” So we did. She loved being “Mara Apple Picker”!

In the pictures you will see that her nose is still scraped up from when she jumped off the park bench last weekend. (Poor girl.)

Here are a few of the moments I captured:

2 thoughts on ““You Can Call Me ‘Mara Apple Picker’!”

  1. jan bunton says:

    Beautiful pictures & story. And isn’t it wonderful that she knows the concept of being thankful?! Thank you Becky & Daniel for teaching her that. 🙂

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