Pretending . . . and Discovering

At lunchtime Captain America (age 4) enters the dining room holding out the shield we made him out of a cardboard box. “This is my Mom, and she’s making us some yummy sandwiches.”
“THIS,” he snarled at David sitting in his high chair eating crackers, “is the monster. And the bad guys gave him some food.”


At this stage, we are learning and discovering all the time!

Mara watches Carissa, 2, put together her “school” puzzle. Seeing the picture of the pencil case, Mara asks, “What is this?”
“It’s a rhombus!” Carissa explains. I love it!

Micah is playing dominoes. “Look! If I push the first envelope [domino], it goes down all the way to the end!”

David brought me his little Hide-and-Seek Forest book twice and looked with interest as I read each page. I was surprised because he’s so active–more than any of my kids–and Micah and Carissa never wanted to sit through books at this age.

And four times around 9:30 this morning, David kept crawling over to me, patting my leg or my shoulder, saying, “Nigh, nigh! Nigh, nigh!” Was he saying “nite, nite”? . . . It sounded that way! When I laid him down, he didn’t even lift his head.


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