Saturday News

It was Saturday but Daniel worked all day today, so the kids & I had “school” since we missed some days this week with visiting family.
Carissa came down with a fever again (102.6). She has seemed sick all week. We wonder if she never got over whatever she had last week, or if this is something new?
Mara is telling “everyone who will wave at me or say hi” that she has “two loose teeth!”
And, in addition to requesting “boo…boo…” (for “book”), David now requests that I read him specific titles.
David, pointing to the bookshelf: “Buh-buh-buh!”
Me: “Big red barn?”
David, nodding: “Huh!”
or. . .
David: “Caw! Caw!”
Me: “Speedy Little Race Cars?”
David, nodding: “Huh!”
I love him!!!

Random Story of the Day

After bathtime, Mara and I were chatting. She said that last Sunday at church one of the boys was talking to the teacher about believing in God, that God is real and that He is always there. The boy was telling the teacher that he wanted to believe, but he didn’t always believe and he wasn’t really sure what to think.
“He seemed kind of . . .” she paused for a minute. “. . . mixed up? I was going to use another word. . .”
“Confused?” I offered, as simultaneously Mara said, “Discombobulated.”
I laughed.
“Why are you laughing?” she asked. “It wasn’t supposed to be funny! . . . Is this one of those times you are laughing at yourself?”
I told her I was laughing at me, no, laughing at both of us–but I wasn’t laughing to make fun. Then I said it was just quite a big word for a six-year-old.
“Now I feel embarrassed,” she finished. “And YOU seem discombobulated!”
I just hugged her, smiling.
“Why didn’t you laugh?” Mara looked at me perplexed. “I was trying to be funny!”

One thought on “Saturday News

  1. jan bunton says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories of daily happenings. Dad & I enjoy them. They make us smile. Dad read this before I did, & he shared part of the Mara “discombobulated” story with me as I had breakfast today. 🙂 She’s becoming such a sweet young lady. And that little David, he’s growing up so quickly. (Sounds like a bright little fellow.) Each one, so special and such a precious gift from God.) Keep being faithful, & don’t be wearing in well doing. 🙂

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