It’s Happening

David sat on the toilet (#2) tonight and said, “Me not need you with me any more. Me growing up.” His little legs dangled not even halfway to the floor.
I didn’t move from my seat on the stepstool. I half-expected him to suddenly change his mind and blurt out that he did need me after all.
But that was the two-year-old David. He is about to turn three on Saturday. And despite the ‘I-hate-to-break-this-to-you’ look in his brown eyes, he was resolute. “You can leave,” he insisted, clinging to the toilet seat.
“Okay, I’ll just wait till you’re done.” I answered, still making no moves toward the door.
This time I could hear the exasperation in his little voice: “Please? Can you not be with me any more?”
Wow. When you put it like that.
“Okay, I’ll leave,” I agreed, getting up. “Call me when you need to be wiped.”
Three times he called down the stairs, “Me not need you with me any more!”
Three times I thought he was calling me back.
It’s happening. My baby boy is growing up.

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