“I Want to Know HOW!”

They tell you these conversations are coming. But you like to think you have more than four years to prepare.
After breakfast this morning, Carissa asked, “So how *exactly* do a mom and dad *make* a baby? I mean, I know they ‘come together’ to make it,” she said, using the words we’ve always used when she asked previously. “But *how*?”
“I can explain it!” Micah jumped in. “It really is quite natural!”
Oh, this should be good.
“What happens is their blood cells come together and then *one* ziiiiips up there into another one. Then the cells start making more cells and more cells and more cells and then suddenly there is a baby growing!”
Blissfully content in her limited understanding, Mara smiles at Carissa and says, “It really is a miracle.”
Carissa looks dissatisfied. “That makes *no* sense. I want to know *how.*”

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