Change . . .

In church today, Mara’s class wrote (or in her case, drew) something that they do that they know they shouldn’t do. Next they wrote what they should do instead.

Mara is in a class of mostly boys, so some of the boys said they were going to draw a picture of hitting their brother.

Mara’s picture depicted something else: she drew a picture of Carissa sitting at the computer. When Mara wants to get on the computer, she will say to Carissa, “Hey, Carissa! Go get your baby!” (In the picture it looks like Mara wrote “go eat your baby” but her ‘g’s’ are backwards.)

Little unsuspecting Carissa will run upstairs to get her baby, and while she is gone, Mara will slip on the computer. . .


I was thankful to see that Mara knows this is wrong, and she wants to change.