7 Years Later. . .

Micah has been waking up between 5 and 6 AM, which is challenging with Daniel’s work schedule–he’s been getting home from work around 11:30 PM three nights a week and going to bed even later all week long. . . So most mornings go like this:

5 – 6 AM: Knock on bedroom door. Small boy enters, carrying favorite blue blanket. Says something about getting in our bed. I take him back to his room, where he usually needs a diaper change (often its stinky, so I don’t want to make him wait). Then I say something like, “Okay, buddy–it’s still night-night. You need to lay back down now and go to sleep. . .  Stay in bed now, buddy.”

That’s the background. Now.

It’s December 13, 2010. The morning of our seventh wedding anniversary.

Micah has already been up, in our room, diaper changed, put back to bed. . .

At 6:30 Daniel wakes up. I reach over to him and say, “It’s still night-night, buddy. Go back to sleep. . .”

Apparently (so he says) he started to get up.

Firmly, I insisted: “Buddy. It’s still night-night.”

Who knew what it would be like: waking up together after seven years of marriage, with three kids and another on the way?

Happy anniversary, dear.

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