“Coming Up To Be Good Sisters!”

One of my favorite pictures Mara has drawn was of the girls’ room:

I love it because despite its primitive nature in the design sense, it truly captures “their” room. Mara’s bed with her pink kasey quilt. The bars of Carissa’s crib, where every morning she stands and calls to her big sister, waking her up. The dollhouse where Mara spends hours and hours setting up the rooms and playing “princesses.” The magic wands–seems like either she or Micah is always playing with the magnetic magic wands!

Mara often writes on the back of her pictures. She can’t spell very many words yet, so she will tell me what she wants to say and I will spell it for her while she writes.

On back she wrote these beautiful words:

I hope and pray that this is only the beginning of a beautiful friendship. That Mara and Carissa would always be “good sisters.”

I love my girls!!!!

2 thoughts on ““Coming Up To Be Good Sisters!”

  1. Donna LoGrasso says:

    Along with being one of the sweetest kids I know, she writes REALLY well, and her drawings are fantastic! lOVE THIS!

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