Snow Day!

We knew the snow was coming and the anticipation was great. Of course at the first sighting of snowflakes, the kids wanted to go outside. But with a high of 21 degrees, I told them we would wait until some snow had accumulated.

Carissa–wearing her fairy dress and holding her Monkey Baby–watched eagerly.


Having never seen snow, David didn’t understand what the excitment was all about, but he stood with her, watching too.


Within about an hour, there was enough snow for the kids to go out and play. I actually appreciated having the time to gather coats, hats, mittens, snowpants, and boots for all four children–and then wrangle the children into their clothes!

Micah raced outside and made his signature snow angel.


I wondered how my little David would do. He usually insists on doing anything that his siblings are doing and loves it!–but snow can be a shock to a not-quite-18-month-old!

He took it in stride. Of course, he had a few falls, all bundled up.


It took him a while to get used to his Spiderman boots. For a while he just stood and watched, as if he didn’t really know what they were all doing.


Then he started clearing snow off the steps with his mittens. 047-001It was all new for him! . . . even the taste!


After awhile he sat on the steps and mostly watched.



When his mitten came off and his hands got cold,  I decided it was time to bring him back inside, and despite how cold his hands and face must have felt, he really screamed because he did not want to go inside!

My kids love the snow and no matter how much we get, to them it’s like we’re on the peak of a snow-covered mountain getting ready to go skiing. They’re that excited. Take my oldest, for example. . .


She is getting ready to fling her snow saucer–no, not down a hill, but down a flat-as-a-cookie-sheet sidewalk! Doesn’t she look excited?! I hope she will always keep a bit of that passion and joy as she goes through life.

Here she is on the “slopes.” (Ha ha!)




Of course, Riss had to try it too. She seemed to have a more realistic view of the sledding “hill.” Although to quote Mara: “I just don’t think you can see it, the way I see it.” 🙂


So happy the kids had the chance to enjoy the snow!


When we all came inside, I threw all the snow-clothes in the washing machine and gave all the kids baths, while Daniel sauteed some pierogies for dinner.

Afterwards we had hot chocolate. Which the girls love.


(Do you like Rissy’s chocolate moustache?)


And Micah–er, The Dread Pirate-Somebody-Or-Other–loved the hot chocolate as well, despite insisting on being photographed this way:


For David, it was another “first.”



And yes, he loved it!


Saturday morning before 10 AM, the kids got to go out once again before the snow melted.

As Aunt Darla said to Mara, “When you’re a little older, we’ll have to take you to a real sledding hill!”

Can’t wait!!!!

4 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Raise Them Up says:

    You have a beautiful family! I’m guessing you have your hands full and can’t imagine suiting them all up for the snow! Lol! But so worth it to see the fun they had! Great pictures!

    Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement this morning. They were just what my heart needed. It’s tough to be so far from Mom and Dad. But knowing that they have so many people offering up prayers for them is truly a blessing.

    I went to Bible college in Langhorne, btw. And your children’s auburn hair reminds me of a girlfriend I went to school with there. She also lives in Philly, and homeschools her children. I’ll bet your paths have crossed. 🙂 Small world!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday morning!

  2. naomi says:

    Ah . . . Mexico city has lovely weather . . . but we miss the snow!
    (thank you for begging God on Sonia’s behalf; that means so much to me!)

  3. Donna says:

    These are wonderful shots!!! Wow Im cold just looking at them. LOL Thank you for blogging again. I really enjoyed these Becky!!!! xo

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