Our Little Border Collie

Border collies are known for their constant energy, drive, the need to be doing something–anything–and if they have nothing to do, they will create some work!

That’s our little David. Always constantly busy. But it’s not a destructive busy-ness. It’s almost as if he watches everything we do, and he tries to do it too. He can be very helpful, as long as I keep him busy! Very busy!

. . . So when the groceries come into the house, I’ve hardly unloaded the car, before David has begun unpacking the bags.


2 thoughts on “Our Little Border Collie

  1. Naomi says:

    ah, sweet boy! I have four brothers – and growing up, it was always their responsibility to empty the groceries out of the car. Now, in the middle of the city, we don’t have a car to unload, but I guess I could have my boys carry the groceries home from the corner store . . . hmmmm . . . .

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