Missing Micah Tonight!

Micah went to sleep over at Grandmom’s for the first time tonight. We were packing a few things for the overnight when he told me he needed to bring ALL his stuffed animals.  “Maybe you can bring one stuffed animal and one toy,” I countered.
“Well, this sword and shield count as one thing, because you play with them together,” he insisted. “And I’ll bring Ironman. . .” That wasn’t a stuffed animal, but it was two items, so–okay.
We packed his favorite blanket. . . “And. . . can I bring Wags?” he asked, holding up his favorite Webkinz puppy hopefully.
“Okay, bring Wags.”
Once the littles went down for their naps, Mara, Micah and I had our read-aloud time, and then Micah stood at the window for about an hour waiting for Grandmom. When finally she arrived, he grabbed his backpack and raced out the door. No good-by kisses. No hugs. Just running down the sidewalk toward Grandmom, calling, “C’mon, Grandmom! Let’s go!”
Tonight at bedtime I rocked only David. We read one of his favorite board books: the lift-a-flap “Where Is Baby’s Mommy?” book. When I say “we” read it, I mean I read the question page: “Is Mommy behind the chair?” and David would lift the flap on the answer page and say: “No-oo! BALL is ‘hind chair!” It is so cute to hear him and he remembers all of the pages perfectly, until the last one, “Yes! Mommy is under the blanket!” and David just covers up that page and says, “No–no. Mommy not under binkit. . . Read again!”
I think this is his ploy to get me to read the book and “look for Mommy” again! I love listening to him “read” so I took him downstairs and he “read” it again to Daniel. After that we went back to the rocking chair, and he asked again, “Where Mic?”
Usually we read two books before bedtime: one for David, one for Micah.
I told him Mic is at Grandmom’s tonight, and he is having fun there. He will sleep at her house and come back tomorrow! David thought a minute and then asked, “Read Mic book?”
I love my boys!!!

One thought on “Missing Micah Tonight!

  1. Jan Bunton says:

    Oh, boy! This is hard to take! I can’t believe that Micah is old enough to do that! I’m sure that you missed him. A taste of growing up. 🙂

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