A Big Pink Ball . . . And Maybe a Rose

Today Micah stabbed Carissa’s huge pink birthday beach ball with a floral water tube with an anchor (just picture a sharp plastic object).
“Why did you do it?” we asked him.
“I guess I just wasn’t thinking,” he said.
We told him how important it is to always think *first,* then act. Because the time will come that you try something to see what happens–you don’t think about it first–and others could get badly hurt or even die.
Micah understood and really seemed to know already that he shouldn’t have done it. He was really sorry, and he wanted us to tape it back together. But it was a good lesson that some things you do just can’t be un-done. . .
Carissa was very sad about losing her big pink ball, so her bedtime prayer was very simple: “Dear God, for my birthday I need to get a new pink ball. My big brother broke mine today.”
But at age three, Carissa’s mind flits from place to place. Only a moment later, she was talking about who she was going to marry.
“I would like to marry Micah,” she smiled. Then she brightened with a little gasp, “Or Daddy!–I could marry Daddy!”
I hugged her. “Someday, Carissa, God will bring just the right man along for you to marry. . .”
“Will he bring me a BIG PINK BALL?!?!” she asked exuberantly.
Mara and I just guffawed.
Then Carissa added, “And…. maybe a rose for the marriage?”

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