So Saw-Saw

This morning David found the bubble bath and opened it. I found him carrying it down the hall. Thankfully I caught him before he spilled it but that was close!

Then he found a brand-new tube of chapstick rolled it out and broke it. We were starting school, so I gave him a paper and pencil and let him sit with us at the dining room table. He stuck his pencil lead in the salt shakers. . . I stepped out for a minute to help one of the girls and he appeared carrying an open container of seasoned salt from the kitchen. *This isn’t working.*

So I put on a show for him at the computer desk and went back to help Micah with a worksheet. . .and found him calling the neighbor’s grandson’s old girlfriend on the landline. . .Then unfortunately he found Daniel’s sunglasses and broke one of the legs off trying to put them on. I tried to explain how bad it was. David said, “Saw-saw [sorry]. Not break uh-uh [other] sunglasses.”

Then Micah came by and threatened to call Daddy at work and tell him what David had done, and Daddy would not be happy, Micah warned him, and other sunglasses would cost lots of money. I told Micah to leave his brother alone.

My little David hung his head, rubbed his eye and said “I feel sad. Tell Daddy saw-saw.” Sigh. . .

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