Beginner’s Artwork

At certain stages of life, children produce art en masse.

Mara’s at that stage. Micah is still dabbling in it.

A friend once suggested that rather than saving every piece of paper your child colors, you could instead take a photo of those you want to remember and keep a computer file of pictures of each child’s art.

What a great suggestion! (Especially for someone like me, who really struggles to keep clutter under control!)

Every day Mara colors and draws and cuts and tapes . . .  She has discovered art! And she loves it.

I love the stories behind her pictures! So often, like any artist, she draws what she loves, what excites her, what makes her happy. . . Usually that includes siblings, family, and beauty (like flowers or princess dresses), occasionally fun activities.

Here are a few of her recent pictures. (You may have to click or double-click to see the explanations I’ve added with Picasa.)

They don’t always make complete sense. For instance, in the first picture, Grandmom S. is pushing the kids on the swing, but Mara told me that Grandpa B. is taking the picture!

I liked how she drew my ponytail blowing in the wind! 🙂

She narrated this one:

You never know what you will see on the blackboard. Here she copied “Nestle” off the back of the baby cereal box.

And both kids love to paint with watercolor! Here are two of their recent watercolors. Note the contrast.

Mara’s watercolor:

Micah’s watercolor:

They both had a great time painting! But unlike his sister, Micah needed a bath afterwards!

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